We all have what we call milestones where a significant life event is marked and witnessed by others. For some, this is getting your child baptised, being baptised yourself, getting married, saying goodbye to a loved one or reconnecting with our childhood faith as an adult. Holy Trinity is a church where you are welcome to explore new milestones in your journey of life and also a place where you will be supported through the more difficult and painful times.

We view worship as involving our whole life - there are so many ways in which the intentions of our hearts and minds lean towards God. We believe that God is at work in many places in our world and in this city: music, art, community groups, work, and schools, home, sport and so on. We recognise that each of us needs a balance between work, rest and play. Sometimes sleep is the best spiritual discipline!

We try and find ways to integrate the everyday reality of our lives with church, hoping that life and faith becomes naturally who we are and how we live. Holy Trinity seeks to be a place of reflection, transformation and mystery with a culture striving to be prayerful, encouraging and realistic.