Before you read anything else can I say THANK YOU for who you are, what you do for Holy Trinity, and your gifts in the life of the church. It takes a community to build and grow a church. Each person has value and every person is needed. There is always somewhere your church needs you.

This page is not intended to give people more to do but, rather, to make each of us aware of where we can help and, hopefully, flourish as individuals and as a community. It may be that you would like to continue what you are currently doing and so this is an opportunity for others to work with alongside you.

Now is an opportunity to get involved in something new, something you have wanted to try or thought other people were already doing at Holy Trinity. Maybe a time for a change from what you are doing—you do not need to only choose one area. You may find in discussing areas with the contact person that, together, it may not be the right way forward for you. I ask that you would prayerfully consider these opportunities and I will also be praying for you. I hope that together the vision of Holy Trinity for the future may become a reality. Please let us know.

Lee Barnes, Priest-in-charge

Where can i get involved?

To find out more about any of these opportunities, either speak to the contact person, or email the Holy Trinity office for more details.


There is an opportunity to join a team that will meet 3/4 times a year in coordinating and providing hospitality for relevant church/community events at Holy Trinity. This team will also explore ways in which the building can become even more welcoming. For more information, please contact Lee Barnes.


Are you a creative person? Then perhaps you would like to join a group of creative people from Holy Trinity and Saint Stephens to explore ways of working together in mission and ministry. If you feel that being creative is how churches can engage with faith and the city, then please contact Lee Barnes.

WELCOMERS (sidespeople)

Would you be prepared to join the team and become a sidesperson at the 10:30am service? This means arriving by 10.00am to prepare the liturgy books and any handouts, welcoming folk as they arrive, looking after any latecomers, taking the offering, stewarding people forward for communion, preparing the bread and wine for communion, counting congregation numbers, counting and recording the offering and clearing up after the service. Contact: Jane Jones.

We are also looking for a person/couple in the role of COORDINATOR who would take the welcome at our 11am service to the next level by overseeing its development and organising and training the teams that do this every Sunday. You’ll need to be good with people, reliable, and full of energy and vision, particularly with new people helping them to integrate well into the worship and community life of the 11am service. If this might be you, please contact Lee Barnes.


If you have time to contribute to the online presence of Holy Trinity - website, facebook, etc, please speak to Lee Barnes.


Does promoting the mission of the church excite you? Would you like a key role in developing the vision of Holy Trinity? Some key aspects of the role involves the following:

  • Working with the Vicar and PCC to enable Holy Trinity to realise its vision in our community.

  • Caring for the future of our building and making sure necessary inspections are made and relevant inventories kept.

  • Helping us to have real peace and unity as a Christian family.

  • Be present at an Annual Visitation by the Archdeacon, which is to ask how we are doing and to check that Holy Trinity is in order.

You do not need to know everything in order to be interested in this role as there will be support provided. Some areas are set in stone but there are some that can be delegated. This role does involve a commitment of time but would be energising to someone who wants to see the whole church flourish in all its different areas. For an initial conversation please contact either Lee Barnes or Dave Mitchell or Sally Eaton.


If you read about being a Churchwarden and thought I may not be able to do all of that but I could do some of it, then we are looking to add Deputy Wardens to the team to work alongside our Churchwardens to ensure, amongst other options, the wellbeing of the congregation and the smooth running, set-up and clear up of the services. Or you may want to help support the Churchwardens with practical handiwork skills, arranging for contractors to complete works, getting quotes, etc by being part of our BUILDING team.

Lee Barnes would be interested in hearing from you if you would like to serve in any of these ways.


If you have expertise in the area of fundraising and may have some time to give to this, please contact Lee Barnes.


If you would like to be part of a team who meet to pray for the vision of the churches and the wider community and/or may be interested in leading this team, then speak to Frances Houghton.


Do you like to be in control, have your finger on the buttons, twiddle with knobs? Then join the Sound Team, in particular for our 10:30am service. No experience is necessary and full training will be given. Contact: Lee Stephenson.


Could you offer some time to be part of a team looking after some of the practical issues of the building? Such as maintenance, repairs, health and safety issues on an ad-hoc basis, then please let our Churchwardens know, either Dave Mitchell or Alan John.


If you are passionate about churches making the most of their green spaces in creative and practical ways then this group may be for you. Both Holy Trinity and Saint Stephens have opportunities in this area and if you would like to meet with others to explore this, please contact Lee Barnes.


Do you feel you have a gift for music, or maybe you are a trained singer or musician who is currently developing their musical skills and would like to commit to helping us worship God at our 10:30am service? If so, please contact Dave Mitchell to find out more.


In many churches sports and outdoor activities have great impact in building up relationships within and outside the church and changing the community’s perception of the church. If this is an area that you are interested in, then please contact Lee Barnes.


Can you make coffee and tea? Do you enjoy chatting over coffee? If your answers are yes you may be ideal to join the team for the 10:30am services. You need to arrive before a service to set everything up and serve refreshments from 10am and stay for a similar time after the service to serve coffee and tidy up. Servers can either work in pairs or alone. Contact: Jane Jones.


There are other needs within the framework of listening and befriending, which if you are friendly and have listening skills, you may be able to help with. All helpers need to be DBS checked (arranged by HTH) as we are going into peoples' homes, and sometimes those people are vulnerable. If you think you could help, please contact Frances Houghton.


This is an opportunity to be part of a team exploring ways to develop our ministry with young people, both within the church and in local schools. If you are passionate about young people and would like to get involved, please contact Mary Barnes.


God loves the children of Holy Trinity. Our challenge is to demonstrate this in a way that they can grasp and hold on to for the rest of their lives. We have Junior Church most Sundays at our 11am service (for ages 3-11). If you would like to talk about this, please speak to Mary Barnes.


If you live locally to Holy Trinity and feel you have the time to be on a list of 3/4 people who could help us with opening and locking the church for groups who hire the church building then please speak to Lee Barnes.


TCS is HTH's one-day-a-week lunchclub, serving the elderly in our parish and beyond, with a hot meal, exercise sessions, and activities. We have an excellent team of staff and volunteers and would welcome additional help on our committee to steer and support TCS, meeting every 2 or 3 months, depending on need. If you have computing expertise, or skills in the field of people management, employment law, accountancy, or simply enthusiasm and a heart for the elderly, please contact Miriam Jones.


If you feel you may be able to help our Treasurer with aspects of the role related to the finances of Holy Trinity, then please speak to Ian Cooper for an informal conversation.


Would you like to be part of a team who provides the beautiful flowers in church? If you may be interested in knowing more, then please speak to Helen Cooper.


If you have an eye for how our notice boards and signage look and would like to help us develop this area of information, communication and welcome, please speak to Sarah Mitchell.


Do you love it when people grow in their Christian faith? Does the opportunity of working with a small group of people by learning, praying and worshipping together, appeal to you? Is community and going deeper in relationships important to you? Or maybe you see your home as a gift from God to offer as a meeting place and would like to be a SMALLGROUP HOST with another leading a group. If yes, to any or all of these, then please speak to Dru Brooke-Taylor.


People with clear voices and a love of the Bible and/or praying are always needed to swell the number available to read and pray at our services. Training can be given, particularly for intercession, if you do not feel confident yet. If you would like to help with either/both aspects of this ministry, please contact Frances Houghton.


We would like to develop our link with St George’s CE Primary School who currently has a vacancy for a Foundation Governor to work alongside other foundation governors to strengthen the Christian ethos of the school and maintain good links with the churches. This will take 7/8 evenings a year and will need somebody content with meetings, paperwork and computers. If this might be you, please contact Lee Barnes.


If you would like to be involved in maintaining and developing our links with those serving God in other countries and are connected to Holy Trinity, please speak to Sarah Wilson.


If you feel you have time, skills or expertise, which could benefit our partner church in areas such as administration, offering your time during the week, supporting the Leadership Team with events in the life of the church, then please speak to Lee Barnes.


If you have any skills, expertise or suggestions that are not covered in this booklet of how you may be able to contribute to Holy Trinity and/or Saint Stephens, then please let Lee Barnes know.

To find out more about any of these opportunities, either speak to the contact person, or email the Holy Trinity office for more details.