We acknowledge that we are a learning community, to be a disciple is to be in a constant state of one who is learning. This learning can come through many different channels; the Sunday talk, a particular themed teaching series, discussion groups, through media streams, theological reflecting, the scriptures, in conversation and many more. We seek to learn from the youngest to the oldest people in our community. We appreciate that we are part of a movement of followers more than an institution of churchgoers. We are a sent-by-God people but try not to become too churchy in the language we use and the ways we gather.

We challenge ourselves to live out our community relationships in a way that is culturally relevant and authentically holistic. We want to continually grow as followers of Jesus and explore new and unknown places in which to encounter God and one another in a fresh way. We recognise that learning sometimes involves making mistakes, things not always working out and so we try to be genuinely supportive of each other.

We value the gift of prayer and the scriptures, developing leadership from within, encouraging the gifts and vocations of many both within the community and beyond. Holy Trinity seeks to be a place of learning, gathering and exploring with a culture striving to be honest, passionate and hopeful.